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Manawa EP

The Manawa EP is a tape of buzzing sounds of Africa inspired by
“Jwe’te”. Presented and performed by Ngoma with a vision to add value to the original Bantu culture from Cameroon.










Directed By Shamak Allharamaji | Produced by Dijay Karl
when you’ve got the “drip” or are dripping, it means in slang that your look or style is extremely fashionable or sexy.

Ngoma – Bae

Directed By Shamak Allharamaji | Produced by Dijay Karl

“BAE” is the abbreviation for Bread And Egg which means “money and women” in Ngoma’s context. It’s a smooth sailing HipHop/Rap song that will keep you dancing all night at the club.

Ngoma – Penya

Directed By Shamak Allharamaji | Produced by Dijay Karl
“Penya” means brand new or good looking, and Ngoma portrays a vision of finding happiness with the aspect of wealth and health management, notwithstanding the fact that life itself cannot be bought and the tough will always get going.

Ngoma -All Les Day

Directed By Shamak Allharamaji | Produced by Dijay Karl
Ngoma delivers a catchy vibe that resonates with everyday hustlers and workers as they strive to achieve success.

Ngoma – Mangosi

An energetic African HipHop/Rap piece featuring two of Cameroon’s most prominent rap acts Nernos & Kikoh defining the future of the Cameroonian rap scene.

2021 Tour

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Aug 27

Philadelphia, PA

Sept 03

Washington, DC

Nov 15

Daar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Dec 21

Douala, Cameroon

About Ngoma

Ngoma is a Cameroonian rapper, songwriter, performing artist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, popularly known as Pancho. Born and raised in Limbe, and hails from AwingNorth West Region of Cameroon. Pancho’s vocals are retro-futuristic as his rap style combines the local 90’s sound with urban contemporary style, and comprises languages like Ngemba (Awing dialect), EnglishFrench,Pidgin English, and Camfranglais demonstrating his lyrical strength & unique rap style. 

He recorded his debut single “Afe Nkap” with Sangtum, formerly known as “Dijay Pazzo”, followed by singles like other singles like “Ekié” in 2015, “Sors De Ce Corps” in 2016, “Mangosi” (ft Kikoh and Nernos)” in 2017, “All Les Day” in 2018, and the Cam No Go EP in 2020.

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Qui est Ngoma, le chanteur Hiplife?

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