Talented Cameroonian Afro-rapper Ngoma  graced the music industry with the successful hit “AFE NKAP”, along with “OVER SABI” and got his fans and music lovers spellbound. For some times he has been silent and his fans kept wondering were he eloped. So many questions fused as the silence kept going on:” Where is Ngoma? Where is the “Afe Nkap King”? Where is the “contri tok rapper?’

His return has been anxiously awaited by his fans and now Ngoma is back. Not only has he showed up, but he is coming with a new hit for the joy of his fans and his followers. He has brought another extraordinary move to claim his rightful position in the Cameroon Music Industry.
Ngoma is here with a new subtitle, the G.O.A.T. and a brand new single  from his upcoming album ‘Greatest of All Time’.
We know you have being waiting for so long. To all the girls, get ready to twerk on this #EKIE, proudly produced by Greezy and D’jay Karl.