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MANAWA means “wasp”, an EP with bittersweet poetry about survival, life, and love performed by Ngoma “Jwe’te”
A tape inspired by the buzzing sounds of Africa, with a vision to add value to the original Bantu culture from Cameroon.

You get 7 Tracks + HD Cover Art & Tracklist + 1 Free Rubberband (When MANAWA Merch is Released)

Download the complete EP by clicking the Titled links on your order receipt (Ex. COUCI COUÇA MP3)

Producers: Dijay Karl, Sangtum, Edi Le Drae, King Gunz

DOP: Ngufor Gilbert

Executive Producer: Ngoma

Made in Cameroon (25.08.2021)

This long-awaited release Manawa EP is the full comeback of the groundbreaking rapper, who previously released the single All Les Day in 2018, followed by Cam No Go EP in 2020 – a collaboration with Hybrid Minds.

Distributed by Symphonic Distribution, a 100% independent company All rights of the artist, composer, and producers are reserved. Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance, and broadcasting of these records are prohibited.

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