Hello 237showbees, once more we come together to discover another of our very own celebrities. And this week we bring to you a very young and talented Cameroonian rapper whose recent release has risen a lot of dust among music lovers, and he is none other than the Awing native Ngoma.1. He Has Been Around For 5years: The “ All les Days” crooner recorded his very first track in 2013 entitled “Afe Nkap” and from there he has been going from strength to strength. As he says in “All Les Days” he is out to make history.2. Ngoma Cooks: For a man who is into hardcore rap, it might be quite intriguing to know that he has top notch cooking skills which he uses at will. Certainly that assorted plate of Achu in his most recent video did not surprise him much.3. Ngoma is an introvert: The rapper doesn’t believe in much talk, he is an introvert and when he isn’t in public or working on good music, he prefers to be left to himself. A real mix of a lot of things, isn’t he?4. He Is A PerfectionistNgoma loves good things, he has a penchant for details even the very little ones. He always emphasizes on arriving perfection in everything he does. Even if he doesn’t get to perfection, he at least makes sure gets as close as possible. This can be seen in the quality of his videos as he will never agree to go for something less than the best.5. Ngoma Is A SHESAN: This is actually my best part in the article, I just discovered that Ngoma and I are brothers. And yes, Ngoma attended his secondary school in Sacred Heart CollegeBamenda from 2004-2009, maybe that is why he is so keen on details, because as we alway say back in school “only the best is good enough for SAHECO”.Thanks for following us today at the discovery of Ngoma, catch you next week when we go to discover another of our own celebrities. But till then remain blessed.

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